Movers Project  is an community outreach activity of Bones and Memory Dance. It was founded to offer dance and community connection to individuals living with Parkinson’s. This class is adaptable for individuals that have concerns about mobility associated with aging or other conditions. We are happy answer any specific questions you may have about whether this class is right for you.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding our 2022 classes!



Dance classes for individuals living with Parkinson’s use techniques from various dance genres including ballet, modern, tap, jazz,  and musical theatre to engage their body and mind in a creative space. These classes create a safe, fun, and expressive space for participants and caretakers. Classes help address PD-specific concerns such as balance, flexibility, coordination, and gait. Participants and caregivers benefit from the socialization and community building that the class offers. Individuals with concerns about mobility, coordination, and flexibility are are welcomed into the class.

The general structure of classes begins seated and moves to traveling across the floor. The class is adaptable for anyone who wishes to remain seated or needs the support of the chair during the entire class.  The focus is on creating a safe and fun environment. All participants are empowered to participate in the way that is most safe for them. Classes build on the training that our Artistic Director received through the Dance for PD program with David Leventhal through the Mark Morris Dance Group.



We are happy answer any specific questions you may have about whether this class is right for you. Please email us or fill out the contact form on the website.

If you are interested in bringing these classes to your community center, studio, or organization, please email and include the subject line MOVERS PROJECT.