“Madness, Memories and Woe: A Fantastical Journey Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe”

Performer: Donald Sayre

“Madness, Memories, and Woe” explores an alternate reality as seen through the mind of the troubled author; one in which real-life characters from Poe’s life mingle and merge with characters from his works. This full-length evening of dance explores Poe’s love of the macabre and brings to life Poe’s themes of madness, loss, betrayal, and the passage of time.
Choreographer/Director: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Shanon Adame, Adam Castaneda, Elaine F.K. Fields, Anna Clare Harris, Cloe Leppard, and Donald Sayre
Original music by William vonReichbauer
Photo: Pin Lim



Performer: Anna Clare Harris

“Good Feet, Long Hair, and other words of wisdom…”
Revised 2017 for Mind the Gap, Premiered 2005 at Greensboro Fringe Festival

“Good Feet, Long Hair, and other words of wisdom…” is a duet that looks at love and the societal rules that are prescribed to women to make sure they land a man. Originally created as solo while she was single, vonReichbauer reworked the piece as a duet while she was engaged and revised the work as she approached her third wedding anniversary.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Elaine F.K. Fields and Anna Clare Harris
Photo: Pin Lim


Performers: Christopher Cardenas and Elaine F.K. Fields, and William vonReichbauer

“Dark Waters”
Premiered 2017, Barnstorm Dance Fest (2016-17 Artist in Residence Program)

Inspired by the rich tradition of the Appalachian murder ballad, ”Dark Waters” explores tales of murder based on real life events. The ballads are presented as cautionary and moral tales to warn young women and men about wayward love and what happens to lovers who are untrue.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Joanna Bowen, Christopher Cardenas,
Adam Castanda, Elaine F.K. Fields, and Anna Harris
Music performed and arranged by William vonReichbauer

Performer: Lena Silva

“You Are Here”
Revised 2016 for 254 Dance-Fest, Premiered 1991

This solo explores the question of whether we are trapped by circumstances or by our inability to breakout of ruts and habits of our daily lives.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Traves Butterworth, Anna Clare Harris and Lena Silva
Photo: Amy Smith


Performers: Rice Dance Theatre

“A Sense of Place”
Premiered 2016, Four in the Mix, Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center

This quartet uses line and form to explore the idea of home,
community, and a sense of belonging.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: originally performed by members of Rice Dance Theatre
Photo: Amy Smith


Performers: Anna Clare Harris, Kate Rash, and William vonReichbauer

Their Feet Never Touch the Ground”
Premiered 2015, Houston Community College

This duet is inspired by the short story “Revelation” by Flannery O’Connor.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Anna Clare Harris and Kate Rash
Musician: William vonReichbauer
Photo: Amy Smith


Performers: Kate Rash and William vonReichbauer

Premiered 2013, Commissioned for Houston Choreographers x6

This trio was built through personal responses gathered by the choreographer asking questions about fear, and what holds us back.
Choreographer: Heather vonReichbauer
Performers: Kate Rash, Elissa Criner Turner, and Lena Silva
Original music composed and performed by William vonReichabuer